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Hi, I’m Kay

Riot was my fist Belgian Malinois. I purchased him from Global K9 Protection Services as an 8-week-old puppy. As a first time Malinois owner, I found few online resources that provided the optimism and encouragement I was seeking as I embarked on this journey with my new puppy.


The online communities I found seemed to be dominated by owners who held strong convictions about just who should (and who shouldn’t) own a Belgian Malinois. Very few were welcoming or helpful when I sought opinions or advice. Instead, I was more often met with harsh judgment and criticism.



All these years later I still witness this toxic “elitist” attitude from a majority of Malinois owners on a regular basis. The idea that these dogs should only be reserved for highly experienced or professional handlers is simply untrue and I believe this attitude is doing the breed more harm than good. While it is true that these dogs are bred for specific traits, with a solid commitment and the right training, even YOU can own a Malinois successfully.  


I believe this breed has a lot to offer and it is my hope that if you are considering bringing a Malinois into your family, you don’t let the “elitist club” scare you off.


My goal is to provide some insight into what it’s like to own a Belgian Malinois for the first time. What I offer you is the unvarnished truth of my experience so that you may overcome your hesitation in owning what I have come to believe is the BEST dog breed in the world. 

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