One thing I can tell you for certain is that I don't have all the answers. A Belgian Malinois is considered a highly trainable breed and I have a lot of fun working with my dogs but I also still have a lot to learn. So what happens when I meet a challenge I don't know how to overcome? Where do I turn when I am just plain stumped, looking for insight or reassurance that I'm doing the right thing? 

Robert Cabral is one of the most highly respected dog trainers in the world. If you haven't heard his name, it's quite possible you've been living under a rock. Robert is an uncontested authority on canine 

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behavior whether it be in basic obedience, pet dog training, aggression, complex behaviors and more. He has trained and titled competitive obedience and protection dogs in AKC, Mondio Ring and IPO / Schutzhund.  Robert has worked with most every breed and temperament of dog. 
Robert has recently launched a website that has become my favorite pastime. It's like a dog lovers play ground; I truly feel like a kid in a candy store as I scroll through lesson after lesson! 
Want to work on mastering the basics? 
In need of some refresher training? 
Need help working with:
  • crazy puppies
  • dogs with leash issues
  • untrained dogs
  • reactive dogs, etc.?
Learn basic (through advanced) obedience and solve behavior problems.
Great for Everyone: Beginners Through Experts!!
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