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Dogs aren't children

Dogs are beloved members of many families, and it's natural to want to treat them with the same love and affection that we would show to our human children. However, treating dogs like human children can be harmful to both the dogs and the humans involved.

For starters, we have to acknowledge that glaring fact that dogs are NOT human beings. They have different needs, instincts, and behaviors than we do. Dogs are naturally pack animals and thrive on structure and boundaries. They need clear rules and limits in order to feel secure and well-adjusted. When dogs are treated like human children, they may become confused about their place in the world and act out in ways that are difficult for their owners to understand or control.

Dogs are not capable of understanding the same complex emotions and abstract concepts that humans do. They can't grasp the nuances of human language, communication, and social interactions. This causes frustration and confusion for both the dog and the owner and can lead to a host of problems. Dogs have their own instincts and behaviors, and it's unfair to try to change or suppress them to fit our human expectations. By trying to make them fit in our human society, we can inadvertently cause them to become confused, stressed, or even aggressive. To put it more plainly, projecting your desire to relate to your dog as a human is selfish because it does not take into account the dog's needs and instincts as an animal.

Treating dogs like human children can also lead to unrealistic expectations for both the dogs and the owners. Dogs will never be capable of exhibiting the same behaviors and abilities as human children, and it's unfair to expect them to. Dogs should be treated as living beings with their own needs, instincts, and behaviors. By understanding and respecting their unique needs, we can build stronger, healthier relationships with them.

- Maligatormom

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