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Making the choice to acquire a Malinois, especially as a puppy, needs to be backed by research, information and self reflection.  Are you ready? Do you have the financial resources to properly provide and care for a Malinois, and most importantly do you have the time and energy to provide the puppy with the critical foundations, training, and love that will lead you both to what could be the most rewarding pet experience of your life?  The Belgian Malinois gives 100% every day and they demand and deserve that in return.  If you are READY - this is a great place to start!


I have been afforded the unique opportunity and ability to spend my time doing what I love.  I have four children, and I am a stay at home wife and mother.  I have three Belgian Malinois that I work with and train daily. I have focused a lot of my time and energy into the breed and I understand more than anyone that bringing home a new Malinois puppy is a big undertaking. 


Raising a Malinois puppy is hard work. It is time consuming and it really is a challenge every single day. Let me afford you the luxury of having those critical developmental moments of a young puppies life put at the forefront so that when you receive your puppy you can jump straight into training, enjoyment of your puppy, and you can experience what most Malinois owners claim: this is the best dog they’ve ever had. 

Owning a Malinois puppy is definitely an adventure and 8-16 weeks of age is an imperative time for a puppy. This is their first time experiencing life without the security of their mother and littermates. 

They have also just been removed from the only environment they've experienced which was likely a whelping box.  During this impressionable time, exposure and introducing them to environmental factors as well as overcoming insecurities is of vital importance. I can't stress enough that what you do from the start is actually very important. Getting a MaligatorMom puppy gives you some advantages you’ll not find anywhere else:

  • Your puppy will be crate and potty trained.  A housebroken puppy is priceless.  

  • Your puppy will arrive pre-socialized to dogs, cats, children and every day typical home life.  

  • Your puppy will have undergone basic obedience training.  Sit, down, come, place, heel, and loose leash walking will be a walk in the park for your new puppy. 

  • House manners will be instilled into the puppy from day one.  With my constant supervision and high expectations the puppy will understand good manners in the home and boundaries that should be respected.  

  • If you are interested I can extend naming rights, and immediately start working with your future puppy using the name of your choice. 

  • The puppy will also be desensitized to environmental and social experiences as I will have the puppy out in public following my recommended puppy plan you can learn more about in my future videos. 

  • You also get the unique experience of watching content around your developing puppy knowing that I am working hard to make sure the puppy has a successful future and can integrate to your home.  

  • With a MaligatorMom puppy you know what you are getting before you get it and you can rest assured I have provided an excellent foundation, a loving, caring home and proper nutrition and training which all translate to a more enjoyable Malinois. 

  • Every puppy comes with all of their vet records:  

  1. Signed puppy contract.

  2. Up to date vaccinations.

  3. Microchip. 

  4. A travel crate when necessary. 

  5. A bag of MuensterMilling holistic dog food. 

  6. A leash and collar.

  7. A MaligatorMom T-Shirt of your choice. 

Puppy Inquiry 
Will this be your first Belgian Malinois?
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